Keane Environmental have vast experience and expertise of working on the heating and cooling air requirements of industrial and warehousing buildings across Ireland, including plantroom and penthouse louvres.

So from the very start of your project build to the fit out, we can help you with both advice and service.



Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Contributing to LEED Certification.

Kampmann Door Air Curtains

For controlled screening of air-conditioned premises with open doors and industrial doorways. Our range of Kampmann door air curtains create a comfortable indoor climate and minimises energy loss.

Gilberts Louvres

Our extensive range of Gilberts’ Louvres was designed with precision and care to ensure that they allow adjustable levels of ventilation into your building while keeping out water, dirt, and debris. They are subject to rigorous testing and quality controls to ensure the best ventilation for your building.

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Terrendis Pre-Insulated, Flexible Pipe

Terrendis hyper-flexible pipes are primarily intended for the transport of heating water, sanitary hot water, potable water, cooling water, waste water or other fluids, in underground distribution networks.

The benefits of Terrendis pipe over the competition is that its hyper-flexibility not only makes it practical and safe to install, but it ensures that over time it maintains its insulation value.

The twin walls in Terrendis pipe also ensure there is no water infiltration into the insulation value remains the same as the day it left the factory.

Oventrop Solar Panels

Oventrop is one of the leading European manufacturers of solar panels, valves, and controls. This well-established German company is renowned for it’s high quality and superior product range.


  • Free hot water, or greatly reduced utility bills. This can be even more significant if your utility company has a tiered rate structure, charging more at higher levels of usage.
  • Protection against increased energy prices: Once installed your system will be producing all or some of your hot water at no cost.
  • The use of clean, non-polluting renewable energy. It is estimated that, over a 20 year period, a solar hot water system that replaces an electric system will avoid 50 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide traps heat, contributing to the global warming. You are contributing to the reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

Kampmann Unit Heaters

Kampmann comes into its own with its wide range of unit heaters. Whether wall-mounted or ceiling mounted units, with heat exchangers for water or steam or thermal oil, fired, recirculating air or mixed air — the large range of units provides the optimum solution for every possible application.

Unit heaters are particularly suitable for optimum, decentralised heating, cooling, and ventilation in high-ceilinged buildings, industrial halls, retail outlets and more, either as recirculating air or mixed air units for (almost) any kind of use.