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Gilberts GA Series
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Gilberts; Oops They Did it Again

Following on from Gilberts ongoing successful innovations, such as the Coanda Plate, GZL Linear Swirl diffusers and GSF Perforated Face Swirl diffusers. Gilberts have now turned the innovation technology to the development of a new modern, stylish grille. Designed for interior spaces, the Gilberts’ Series GA swirl diffuser does not require a coanda plate when used in exposed services.

Building on Gilberts’ established range of swirl diffusers, the Series GA has a unique contemporary face design intended to deliver leading edge design to every ceiling type, whether the diffuser is an integral part of an exposed building services strategy or inset into a suspended ceiling grid.

Bespoke variations

Gilberts is offering one face plate design as standard, but can, with its in-house design, manufacturing and testing capability, produce bespoke variations of pattern and appeture size (subject to order) to perfectly compliment the interior design aesthetics.

Elegant & Efficient

Series GA’s innovation extends beyond the aesthetics of the face plate. The plate sits in front of a unique radial pattern air distribution impeller core which can be altered to achieve numerous swirl patterns depending on the space layout and occupancy below.

The Series GA delivers high volumes of air horizontally with rapid entrainment and mixing capability into the conditioned space- up to 60l/s (GA Type A) or 170l/s (GA Type B)- whether cooling, heating or ventilating.

Ian Rogers, Gilberts Sales Director says:

“Series GA looks completely different to anything else on the market. It enables all involved in the building services design to create real visual impact, that’s out of the ordinary and unlike anything else available.”

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