Diffusion Highline 235 – Product of the Year

CIBSE's Innovative Product of the Year: Diffusion's New Modular Highline 235 Fan Coil Range

This year’s CIBSE judges were impressed with Diffusion’s modularisation of the new 235 fan coil range, describing it as “a practical, well-thought-out design” that effectively incorporates customer feedback.

The fan coil which was developed through extensive research and testing, emphasizing whole-life costing by utilising TM65 to calculate the embodied carbon and sourcing locally to minimise transport miles, according to the judges. Additionally, they noted that energy efficiency, acoustic performance, and the advantages of modularisation for deployment and onsite repairs were also taken into account.

Research & Development

Working closely with customers, Diffusion researched every UK fan coil on the market to assess how it could improve the design to meet the changing needs of the industry.

As a result, its Highline range has been increased to a newly designed range of eight, the modularity of which now allows almost 300,000 configurations. This means customers can select a unit that exactly matches their performance requirements rather than having to over-specify, ensuring the lowest energy consumption.

Modular Approach Reduced Carbon Footprint

At design stage, the emphasis was on using fewer materials, reducing the volume of materials transported, minimising carbon footprint, and lowering running costs per unit size.

British designed and manufactured with a short supply chain, 70% of Diffusion’s FCUs are transported less than 24 miles to end users in London, keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. The modular, configurable design means building owners can reuse the FCUs by repositioning them.


Sizes for all types of application.

With 8 sizes and including up to 13 fan combinations the Highline 235 is the ideal solution for many applications,  from hotel rooms to large capacity applications such as reception areas and offices.  It is particularly suited to renovations and for use in spaces with low ceiling heights.

Low SFPs & Noise Emissions

Highline’s high-efficiency EC motor and fan assemblies provide improved specific fan power as low as 0.14 WᐧL⁻¹ᐧs⁻¹, while noise ratings are as low as NR25.

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