Key features of Mistrale MFS-HR:

  • Maximum airflow 512 litres/second
  • Up to 75% heat recovery
  • Up to 4kw heating 
  • Up to 2kw cooling
  • Flow rate in Heat recovery mode 160 litres/second
  • Flow Rate night time cooling 512 litres/second
  • Winter SFP 0.06 (5 litres/sec per person)
  • Summer SFP 0.11 (10 litres/sec per person)
  • Noise level less than 35 dBA 

Hybrid Natural Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Energising hybrid natural ventilation options with class leading heat recovery of up to 75%


With the growing importance of achieving low carbon footprints for your building Gilberts of Blackpool have introduced the MFS-HR….. A new solution that offers all the benefits of hybrid natural ventilation in summer and up to 75% heat recovery in the cooler winter ranges. 

MFS-HR includes a heat exchanger core that enables the unit to recover large volumes of heat from the occupied zone. Indeed, by incorporating two low energy fans and actuators MFS-HR provides numerous pathways that enable a range of cooling, heating and heat recovery modes. 

In basic natural ventilation mode MFS-HR provides free natural cooling during the warmer months using the natural bouyancy of air movement through the occupied zone. On occasions where natural air movement alone is insufficient to meet air quality or air change demands a low energy fan is included which operates only when necessary to maintain required ventilation and temperature levels.

During the cooler months MFS-HR continues to naturally ventilate ensuring adequate ventilation rates and air changes per hour to meet all DFE guidelines. However MFS-HR includes the fitted option of a heating coil enabling the unit to not only ventilate but also provide for any space heating needs ranging from rapid early morning warm up and full heating demands.

Better still, in this age of energy efficiency, in order to optimise unit operation MFS-HR also includes a further heat recovery coil that dependent on operational strategy and parameters can provide impressive levels of up to 75% heat recovery. 

For further information on this exciting new range please contact us.