Our extensive range of Gilberts’ Louvres was designed with precision and care to ensure that they allow adjustable levels of ventilation into your building while keeping out water, dirt, and debris. They are subject to rigorous testing and quality controls to ensure the best ventilation for your building.

Call us about our new INSTALLATION PACKAGE or to find out which option will work best for you:

  • Standard Louvres
  • High Performance Louvres
  • Moveable Blade Louvres
  • Site-Assembly Louvres
  • Acoustic Louvres


High-Performance Louvres

Gilberts high-performance louvre range complements our standard louvre series providing a comprehensive package of high weather protection louvre designs. FEATURES INCLUDE:

  1. High Weather Performace
  2. Striking Design and Appearance
  3. Single Bank Louvre
  4. High Free Area
  5. Low Pressure Resistance
  6. Wall or Window Fitting
  7. Comprehensive Range

Standard Louvres

We have a range of available Standard Louvres to suit any application: 38mm Pitch – This unit was designed to provide a neat and compact appearance for smaller Louvre applications 75mm Pitch – a profile which is equally suitable for both small and large Louvre Panels, allowing for a balanced appearance across a broad spectrum of sizes. 100mm Pitch – Utilising a 100mm heavy duty Louvre Blade the unit portrays a naturally ‘Grand’ appearance making it best suited for the larger Louvre applications. Louvred Doors – For applications where ventilation and access is required to Plant Room or Generator equipment Gilberts single and double leaf, inward or outward opening, Louvred Doors can provide an ideal solution. Specials – In addition to standard, square and rectangular patterns Gilberts can also fabricate special louvres to almost any practical design. Circular, semi-circular and triangular designs are popular selections however other more unusual profiles such as gothic arch, polygon and even hexagonal have been supplied.

Moveable-Blade Louvres

This range of Movable Blade Louvres is suitable for manual, teleflex, motor or pneumatic control and includes the following options:

  1. WBL/100/MF: Manually operated from front
  2. WBL/100/MR: Manually operated from rear
  3. WBL/100/TF: Teleflex operated
  4. WBL/100/EO: Unit supplied complete with belimo on/off, modulating or spring return motor (24v DC or 240v AC)
  5. WBL/100/PO: Unit supplied complete with Festo Pneumatic actuator to suit standard pressure ranges.

Site-Assembly Louvres

To help overcome any site related difficulties whilst maintaining a recognisable louvre profile, Gilberts have created a range of 3 different site-assembly louvres. Each one featuring a unique clip-on blade arrangement the 3 louvre systems are ideally suited for large screen or unusual profile applications.

  1. WGK75 Standard weather or screening louvre comprising of 1.6 mm Louvre Blades on 75mm pitch in a choice of different border styles
  2. WPK75 Medium/High Efficiency System. Comprises of 1.6 mm louvre blades on a 75mm pitch in a choice of different border styles
  3. WGK100 Standard weather or screening louvre comprising of 1.6 mm Louvre Blades on 100mm pitch in a choice of different border styles.

Acoustic Louvres

Series 15, 27 and 30

Gilberts acoustic weather louvre ranges interface directly with the exterior fabric of a building in either steelwork frames and cladding or brickwork. Primarily utilised where a combination of good weathering protection and accurate noise emission control are required, the louvre can be manufactured to accommodate the various dimensional and aesthetic requirements a project may demand.


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Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


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