Dublin Airport Enerblue

Enerblue HeatPumps,

Heating The Baggage Hall

In Dublin Airport’s T2.

Soaring sustainability at the DAA

Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2 stands at the forefront of environmental responsibility with the strategic deployment of Enerblue Heat Pumps, aligning seamlessly with the Dublin Airport Authority’s (DAA) steadfast commitment to addressing global environmental and climate challenges. Pledging to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, the DAA’s Sustainability Statement outlines two key pillars: reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, and increasing water conservation. In a tangible manifestation of this commitment, the baggage hall in Terminal 2 has embraced three Enerblue high temperature black heat pump units and one CO2, DHW unit.

Revolutionizing Sustainability with Enerblue’s Low GWP Heat Pump Technology

The three black units play a vital role in servicing Air Handling Units (AHUs) that, in turn, cater to the heating needs of the new baggage area in Terminal 2.

Notably, these units utilize R513A sustainable gas with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP), exemplifying Dublin Airport’s proactive strides towards achieving a greener and more sustainable future.

For the DAA the issue of functional redundancy is a key priority.  Each of the three black unit heat pumps have two compressors,  each with their own individual circuits which operate completely independently of the others.  Therefore, if any one of the compressors fail, the others step in to replace it, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of heating to the area.

The three individual heat pumps are managed by a cascade controller. Which brings in the individual compressors if and only when required. This feature is also very effective in managing defrost, so that any one coil can be brought into defrost while all other coils are still operating.  Thereby preventing more than one coil going into defrost and ensuring optimum performance during the defrost function.

These are high temperature heat pumps and can achieve temperatures of 80 degrees celsius while the outside ambient temperature is as low as -5 degrees C, making it very suitable for gas/oil boiler replacement.

Enerblue’s Black HT Evo

The Black HT Evo is a very high temperature three phase commercial heat pump from Enerblue, a cutting edge Italian manufacturer of chillers and heat pumps.


  • R513A sustainable gas with a low GWP
  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with liquid injection
  • Axial fans with phase-cut speed control, and Al/Cu coils
  • Single circuit / single compressor or Double circuit / double compressor (depending on model)
  • Separate fans per circuit on double circuit models allows fan speed to be independently modulated and for each circuit to have independent defrost cycles.
  • Larger units can be equipped with hydraulic kit and integrated buffer tank
  • Reversible – can also provide cooling

Enerblue’s CO2 heat pump

Co2 is a natural gas and has an extremely low GWP of only 1.  This makes it a far more environmentally friendly choice than traditional refrigerants.

It generates its maximum COP at higher temperature differentials, so is ideal for bringing mains water from 10 degrees C right up to 80 degrees C.  Furthermore, it has been tested to EN16147 for domestic hot water heating. 

The HP90 unit is the ideal choice for sport centres, apartment blocks, hotels, commercial buildings, food processing plants and breweries or anywhere with a continuous and consistent high demand for hot water. 



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Consulting Engineers: In2

Mechanical Contractor: McGrattan & Kenny

Clients: DAA

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.

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