Security Hut

The Height of Security

The Security Hut at Central Park, Leopardstown.


Positioned at the entrance to Central Park, which includes the head-office of Vodafone and the new AIB Digital Hub, it was imperative that this small yet unique security hut conveyed a modern, contemporary image. However, due to the glazed exterior wall, it could encounter drafts in winter and overheating in the summer months, therefore it was key to this individual build that they incorporate high end ventilation heating and cooling air conditioning.

The security office was designed by architects Henry J. Lyons and includes glazed walls right around the perimeter of the building. Furthermore the internal ceiling of the security hut included a raised slope on either side. The ceiling lowers in middle of the building with an ascending bias towards the external glazed wall. This then creates a central obtuse angle which causes an optical illusion of corners and increased floor space.

Mirroring this sloped roof of the building, the architect specified grilles to run right around the perimeter at the

Keane Environmental worked with Gilberts’ Grilles to produce bespoke Broad Line LN156 grilles to match the line of the ceiling. These grilles were designed specifically by Gilberts to echo the slope of the ceiling including the obtuse angles at the centre, moreover they incorporated mitred joins at each of the angles and corners, concealed brackets and an extremely narrow flange 75mm (88mm total width). The benefit of working with Keane Environmental meant that Gilberts could create this unique grille specifically for this build, exactly what was needed for this one-of-a-kind security hut.



Architect: Henry J. Lyons

Mechanical Contractor: Temec

Supplier: Keane Environmental Ltd.