OPW at 1GQ

The sustainable home
of the OPW
at 1GQ

We recently had the opportunity to visit the newly refurbished OPW offices in 1GQ for the first time since we were on-site during the Covid-19 restrictions.  The OPW which is usually responsible for sourcing office space for other government bodies, in this case relocated 300 of its own staff from their existing offices at 52 Stephen’s Green to a 42,000 sq ft space across the  2nd and 3rd floor of 1GQ Plaza, owned by Irish Life. 

Works completed in a live building

1 George’s Quay is also occupied by Pioneer Investments, Axa, Fidelity International, Ulster Bank and RBC Investor Service. This meant the move and subsequent refurbishment needed to be completed in a live building environment.  The fit out which included a mix of open plan, enclosed offices and break out areas also meant modifications to the existing building services. 

Sleek & stylish

The offices incorporate a mix of open plan and enclosed office spaces, common areas, meeting rooms and a restaurant area. The blend of modern, stylish designs includes areas with both suspended and no ceilings, as a result we were specified to supply a range of designs to suit the specific areas in both look and efficiency.

Gilbert’s flangless slot diffusers were installed to achieve a sleek, modern look in the elegant common areas, GFSE swirl diffusers with coanda plates were installed in areas with no ceiling void.

Class Leading Fancoils

Working with Metec and Kirby Mechanical we supplied class leading Diffusion Energy Efficient fancoils which have the lowest SFP in the market and work towards achieving the LEED platinum rating of the offices. 

Narrow GZL diffusers 

Gilbert’s of Blackpool supplied their trademark narrow GZL diffusers for smaller office spaces and meeting rooms.  Using its unique cross-flow design the units rapid air entrainment characteristics allow it to deliver high volumes of air into the conditioned zone, ensuring their high end design sat seamlessly into the modern ceiling without compromising comfort. 


At Keane Environmental Ltd., we understand that every job, large or small, has its own challenges.  We’d be delighted to work with you to find the correct solution for your building.  If you’d like to hear more about this or any of our other projects, contact us today.

Consulting Engineers: Metec

Mechanical Contractor: Kirby Group Engineering

Clients: OPW

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.

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