With our experience working with design teams on data centre ventilation systems across Ireland and Europe, we’ve now pulled together all our datacentre information and products.

Working with renowned suppliers such as Gilberts, Kampmann, Hudevad and Hydraquip we can now offer you both advice and service to help achieve your data centre’s heating and cooling needs efficiently.


Gilberts Computer Floor Grilles

Gilberts GF Series is one of the most established and advanced ranges of floor grilles available in the industry today. Ideal for datacentres, they are designed, principally, to replace 600mm sq tiles in raised access floor systems the units are suitable for heavy grade installations such as computer floors.

The floor grilles come in numerous frame formats to suit floor types of all manufacturers and datacentres.  Their heavy duty design is strong and includes rigid assembly.

The Gilberts GFX  has an extra heavy duty rating in accordance with BS EN 1364-2001 PSA and IBM specifications.   Frame options include 6, 3, 2, and 1 available to suit different floor types.

Drum Louvres & Double Deflection Grilles

Datacentres require huge volumes of cold air distrubtion throughout.  Gilberts Double Deflection Grilles and Drum Louvres are ideal for your datacentre for this reason. They have been designed to facilitate the distribution of massive volumes of air, incorporating long throw of air with good directional capabilities to ensure that cold air distributes efficiently where it is needed throughout your databanks.

Hydraquip DataCool Hoses

Hydraquip’s DataCool range of hoses have been specifically designed by the company in conjunction with a major UK manufacturer for use in datacentres. Predominantly for use on cooling doors the hoses lend themselves to offering benefits to both designers and installers. Unlike traditional hose which allows for flexing along the length only, the datacentre hoses offer more flexibility due to its unique design offering both the traditional flexing with a generous degree of rotational flexing allowing for the elimination of the need to provide additional swivel connections in the line which reduces potential leakage weak spots.

The data centre hoses are hand built in the UK to Hydraquip’s own specifications then built into a finished assembly in the company’s Kent factory with a choice of fittings to enable secure and compact connections to be made to both pipework and equipment. To complement the fittings Hydraquip offer a vast range of adaptors, valves, quick disconnect couplings and manifolds that can be supplied as a production line ready kit or standalone components.

Diffusion Fancoils

Diffusion’s offer a range of airside and waterside fan coil units.  All of which are fitted with high efficiency EC/DC motors, offering low specific fan powers (SFP) for energy efficiency.  With both deep and shallow options available their versatile design allows them to be mounted in either ceiling or floor void applications or indeed for spaces with no ceiling void at all.  Making diffusion the ideal choice for cool air distribution in your data centre.

Kampmann Trench Heaters

Kampmann products are known for their high performance capability, with guaranteed DIN EN-tested heat outputs, materials fully rated to requirements, first-class workmanship, design-oriented style and shaping with punctual, reliable delivery.

Their reliability, efficiency and ability to produce both hot and cold air make them ideal for communal and office spaces in datacentre buildings.

Hudevad Radiators

Hudevad’s famously smooth design makes it ideal for any open or communcal space in your datacentre. While its design is known for its style it is also built to ensure it is easy to clean, access and maintain, something that is imperative in any dust sensitive environment, such as a datacentre hub.

Hudevad has been the radiator of choice used in major datacentres in Ireland and across many European countries.

Gilberts Louvres

Gilberts supply a range of louvres for every type of building, however, they have developed the high performance louvre specifically for buildings where limiting water ingress is important such as your datacentre.  Here a high performance louvre is an important design consideration. This is especially true for intake louvres where airborne carry over of water is an inevitable danger for units in exposed areas or that experience high wind or rain factors.

Furthermore, our range of Gilberts acoustic louvres, interface directly with the exterior fabric of your building where a combination of good weathering protection and accurate noise emission control are required, the louvre can be manufactured to accommodate the various dimensional and aesthetic requirements that your datacentre may demand.

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