We have supplied HVAC products to schools and educational facilities for over twenty years and NOW we offer air purification systems approved by the Department of Education.

Through our experience working on educational institutions such as the Galway Roscommon Education & Training Board, Royal College of Surgeons, UCD and Trinity (to name but a few), we know that there is an optimal temperature for learning. A test carried out by Fraunhofer IBP (2015) shows that the classroom temperature has a significant effect on students’ test scores.

That’s why educational heating isn’t just regular heating and that’s why we provide an extensive range of contemporary, value engineered products at competitive prices and responding quickly and efficiently to the many demands of the educational building services industry.

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Gilberts Natural Ventilation with Heat Recovery

With the growing importance of achieving low carbon footprints for your school building Gilberts of Blackpool have introduced the MFS-HR. The new solution that offers all the benefits of hybrid natural ventilation in summer and up to 75% heat recovery in the cooler winter ranges. 

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Diffusion Fan Coils

Diffusion has been manufacturing fan coil units, fan convectors, door curtains in the UK for over 50 years.

During this time it has established an enviable reputation for both quality of product and service.

Their range of fan coils are used to effectively control the temperature in each individual area of the building while offering low noise volume and low specific fan power (SFP).  


Gilberts Grilles & Diffusers

Gilberts (Blackpool) limited is one of the largest UK manufacturers of Grilles, Diffusers, Louvres, Smoke/Fire Dampers and Natural Ventilation Systems for the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning industry. 

Over the years Gilberts has built a reputation for providing an extensive range of contemporary, value engineered products at the best in competitive prices, offering very high standards of customer service and responding quickly and efficiently to the many demands of the building services industry.

It’s range of Grilles and Diffusers are used to effectively allow for ventilation throughout spaces without causing drafts.


Kampann Air Purifiers

Our mobile or stationary air filtration unit with a H14-HEPA filter for use in schools and approved by the Department of Education.

Room air filtration: Equipped with a high-grade HEPA class H14 filter, it filters out 99.995 % of suspended particles contained in it (including Covid 19).

CO2 traffic light indicator: Air purifiers only handle the actual air in the room. So Kampmann have included a CO2 traffic light indicator to show when ventilation through the window is needed.

Suspended Particles: The built-in HEPA H14 filter removes viruses as well as allergens, bacteria, pollen, mould spores, mildew, household dust and cleaning agents.

Two operating stages: Operating stage I is generally recommended for continuous and low-noise operation.  Operating stage II ensures rapid air purification, for instance during breaks.

Certified effectiveness:

The effectiveness of the KA-520 air purifier for “particulate and microbiological reduction in the room air” was confirmed by the HYBETA Hygiene Laboratory. It is hygiene-certified to VDI 6022.

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Gilberts Louvres

Our extensive range of Gilberts’ Louvres was designed with precision and care to ensure that they allow adjustable levels of ventilation into your building while keeping out water, dirt, and debris. They are subject to rigorous testing and quality controls to ensure the best ventilation for your building.

Call us about our new INSTALLATION PACKAGE or to find out which option will work best for you:

  • Standard Louvres
  • High Performance Louvres
  • Moveable Blade Louvres
  • Site-Assembly Louvres
  • Acoustic Louvres

Kampmann Trench Heating

Trench heating options from Kampmann allow you to maximise the available floor-space in your school, library or college without losing valuable heat output.

They are the ideal solution to glazing heat losses that may be caused by large glazed areas commonly found in modern educational developments.

We offer solutions in natural convection or fan assisted heating and cooling, complete with decentralised ventilation or heat recovery.


Kampmann Door Curtains

For controlled screening of air-conditioned premises such as schools with open doors and doorways. Kampmann door curtains create a comfortable indoor climate and minimise energy loss.

They are highly energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and suit any entry or reception area in your school.

Hudevad Radiators

HUDEVAD provides customised radiator solutions, which can range from quite simple radiators through to tailored individual solutions, encompassing all HUDEVAD qualities to make something special.

The HUDEVAD range encompasses easy to clean options perfect for the classroom and the HUDEVAD Protector which works with the standard radiator and is ideal for sports halls and common areas.


Terrendis Pre-Insulated Pipe


Terrendis pipes are primarily intended for the transport of heating water, sanitary hot water, potable water, cooling water, waste water or other fluids, in underground distribution networks.


Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


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