When it comes to buildings in the healthcare profession, our experience is second to none.  We’ve worked on projects including:

  • St James’ Hospital
  • Waterford Regional Hospital
  • Cork Regional Hospital 
  • University College Hospital Galway

So we understand that comfort and hygiene are of the utmost importance. Conventional heating and cooling solutions can be difficult to clean thoroughly.

That’s why we work with innovative, high-quality suppliers such as Gilberts, Diffusion, Hudevad and Oventrop to bring the best solutions to you.


Gilberts Grilles

Over the years Gilberts has built a reputation for providing an extensive range of contemporary, value engineered products at the best in competitive prices, offering very high standards of customer service and responding quickly and efficiently to the many demands of the building services industry.

It’s range of Grilles and Diffusers are used to effectively allow for ventilation throughout spaces without causing drafts.  Ideal for any healthcare environment.

Hudevad Radiators

Hudevad supply a range of ultra hygenic radiator options.

The Hudevad Lignum is our completely integrated radiator. It can be installed in window frames, walls, or floors, for a completely sealed heating source. It has no openings for dust and bacteria to gather and is extremely hygienic.

While the Hudevad Mundum is one of the most hygienic radiators on the market and is an architectural asset to any healthcare facility.


We understands that controlling the temperature of any surface in a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or primary care centre is vitally important. 

Therefore we have an extensive range of quality engineered valves and controls for heating and cooling systems.

Diffusion Fan Coils

Diffusion has been manufacturing fan coil units, fan convectors, door curtains in the UK for over 50 years.

During this time it has established an enviable reputation for both quality of product and service.

Their range of fan coils are used to effectively control the temperature in each individual area of the building while offering low noise volume and low specific fan power (SFP).

Gilberts Louvres

Gilberts Louvres provide for ventilation, aesthetic screening… or both.

With a range of weather protection choices, blade profiles and styles we have a design to suit your nursing home. Our louvres can be factory built or site assembled but we still have the flexibility to provide special or bespoke designs to match any building architecture.


Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Contributing to LEED Certification.