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The 80,000 sq ft Workday Dockline Building in Dublin’s IFSC recently underwent a deep green retrofit including improved ventilation and air conditioning systems which was awarded platinum accreditation for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), based on their reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Sustainability-Led Solution

Metec Consulting Engineers  played a crucial design role in the achievement of the LEED accreditation.  Within this sustainability-led solution they included a mix of standard and slimline Diffusion FCU’s along with factory-fitted Pettinaroli PICV valves throughout the building.  Diffusions low-SFP, energy efficient fan coils  were chosen to further contribute to the LEED platinum application which is awarded for scoring high marks for positively addressing carbon, energy, waste, water, transport, materials, health and indoor environment quality. Tritech’s effective and efficient installation of the system throughout the building was crucial to the final result.




Energy Efficient Diffusion FCUs

Diffusion fan coils were installed because of their high efficiency EC/DC motors. The fan modulation system is factory fitted and tested and provides optimum energy efficient performance, resulting in energy savings of up to 25%. This in turn then offers ongoing energy-cost efficiency to the client.

To ensure that all ceiling voids within the building are catered for, a mix of slimline and standard waterside FCUs were installed throughout.  Unlike competitor products, which at times are too big to fit in older buildings, the Diffusion Slimline fan coil units can be accommodated discreetly in virtually any ceiling or floor void.

Yet, despite their size, the fan coils use highly efficient fans, which means they have an extremely low noise level. Moreover, they continue to be highly accessible and easy to maintain.

Pettinaroli Valves 

Pettinaroli Xterminator’s range of terminal valve assemblies is designed to include all of the required valves for the efficient and energy-saving control and maintainance of a Fan Coil Unit or other hydronic terminal unit, despite every changing fluctuations in the system pressure.

All of these functions are offered in a package that is designed to be installed by the terminal unit manufacturer over an extended condensate drip tray.  And in this case for the Dockline building were factory-fitted to the Diffusion FCUs for ease of installation and simplicity.

Features of the Xterminator:

  • Includes a Pettinaroli PEB91 Series PICV – Equal percentage characteristic
  • Designed for connection to Fan Coil Units
  • Compact design
  • Full bore drain
  • Configurable connections

Pettinaroli’s versatile range of factory fitted, valve assemblies for fan coils, offer significant benefits over standard products – for consultants, contractors, commissioning engineers and building operators / owners.

Committed to Sustainability.

At Keane Environmental in partnership with Kampmann, Diffusion and Gilberts, we are aware of our enabling role in shaping our Net Zero future,and we are committed to decarbonisation pathways, working on a new generation of products to meet the trend in the reduction of embodied carbon.


At Keane Environmental Ltd., we understand that every job, large or small, has its own challenges.  We’d be delighted to work with you to find the correct solution for your building.  If you’d like to hear more about this or any of our other projects, contact us today.

Consulting Engineers: Metec

Mechanical Contractors: Tritech

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.

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