Max e Mini

Damvent Max.e.Mini
Fresh Air Heat Pump Recovery Unit



Keane Environmental Ltd. recently delivered a Damvent Max.e.Mini Heat Pump Recovery Unit to a small commercial unit in one of Dublin’s premier industrial estates. 

The unit is designed and produced by Damvent, specifically for a wide range of smaller buildings to provide 100% of their fresh air requirements. 

As well as providing your fresh air requirements, the Max.e.Mini unit will provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer significiantly impacting your energy requirements and costs. 


100% Fresh Air

The Max.e.Mini operates on 100% fresh air (no-recirculated air).  This dramatically reduces the health risks in buildings from tranferring germs / viruses and cross contaminating across from person to person and room to room. Protecting your staff and customers alike.

It is ideal for businesses such as;

  • Commercial units
  • Surgeries & Healthcare Settings
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Shops
  • Workshops
  • Showrooms.

A Practical Choice

The Max.e.Mini is a single “1 piece” (standalone) unit which makes installation exceptionally easy. It’s slim space-saving build ensures it is designed to fit into ceiling voids without any compromise on efficiency or delivery of fresh air.


This mono-block unit provides the following functions:

  1. Ventilation
  2. Filtering
  3. Heat recovery
  4. Heating and cooling (depending on season requirements).

Thanks to the built-in refrigerant circuit, it operates as an independent system, without an outside unit .


For Companies

  • Initial investment cost reduction
  • Installed electricity power reduction
  • Lower operating (energy) costs
  • Saves space – artificial ceilings
  • Absence of “defrost” mode and maintains continuous working of the unit
  • Easy maintenance – only one unit
  • Internet monitoring
  • 100% test in factory conditions
  • Low sound parameters

For Designers/Consultants:

  • Selection software is available
  • Saving time during the process of design
  • Flexibility when there is lack of space
  • Fast and easy calculations for yearly operation (energy) costs
  • Absence of “defrost” mode

For Installers

  • Plug and play
  • Easy installation (needs only duct connections and power supply)
  • BMS connection via different protocols
  • Settings via internet
  • No need for refrigeration work


At Keane Environmental Ltd., we understand that every job, large or small, has its own challenges.  We’d be delighted to work with you to find the correct solution for your building.  If you’d like to hear more about this or any of our other projects, contact us today.

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