Hanover Quay

Ireland’s Favourite Building
Hanover Quay.

Designed by O’Mahony Pike Architects with MOLA Architects, 10 – 12 Hanover Quay has won Ireland’s people’s choice award at the Royal Institure of Architects Ireland (2022).

10-12 Hanover Quay offers a variety of multi use spaces including a roof terrace, large open plan areas within the warehouse, and compact floor plates within the new modern glass section.   All of which combine to creating a complex air movement system to provide comfort to the final use client, designed by Axis Engineering and installed by Temec.

Diffusion Fan Coils SFPs

Diffusion fan coil units were specified by Axis Engineering to ensure best sfp’s (specific fan powers) in the market.

Low SFP values can make a significant contribution to attaining a building’s LEED certification.

It might surprise some to know that Diffusion has, since 2016, been carrying out fan coil selections, achieving SFP requirements of < .15 w/l/s, for design engineers wishing to attain certification, up to Platinum LEED standard. Diffusion have achieved these low SFP values through continuous targeted R&D in this area which was conducted in collaboration with their main fan manufacturers who are based in Germany. This partnership has led to the development of a range of fans specifically designed to match to the requirements of each size of fan coil unit and resulting in the lowest possible electrical energy used (watts) for each litre/second of air generated.

Future Proofing

While most fan coils on the market have a lifespan of approx. 15 years or so, with Diffusion it has always been their philosophy that there is no need to replace any of their FCUs ever, only their components. In that way Diffusion are avoiding future carbon impact for Hanover Quay, which would be caused by replacing the chassis, attenuation and a host of other components in other FCUs. 

Modern, Stylish, Adjustable Grilles


Throughout the building you’ll find stylish and high quality grilles from Gilberts in Blackpool.  Over the years Gilberts has built a reputation for providing an extensive range of contemporary, value engineered products at the best in competitive prices, offering very high standards of customer service and responding quickly and efficiently to the many demands of the building services industry.

In this project we supplied a range of  modern and attractively-styled, adjustable Swirl Diffusers which are suitable for a multitude of ceiling supply applications (ideal for a building with mixed spaces such as Hanover Quay).

The circular pattern of radial vanes featured on this unit provide the rotating air distribution effect typically associated with this type of diffuser, allowing the unit to introduce high volumes of air into the conditioned space, taking advantage of its rapid entrainment and intermixing characteristics.

This diffuser was the ideal solution for Hanover Quay, as it lends itself well to the exposed ductwork used throughout as well as other contemporary applications.




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