in Termini Builidng 

US medical devices giant ResMed Inc have recently completed a full fit out for their new 20,000sq ft office accommodation in the brand new Termini building, Sandyford.

We were delighted supply sleek, stylish black Gilberts GZL diffusers and unique green Gilberts GSFE swirl diffusers with coanda plates throughout their world class fit out.

GZL (Zipp-Air) Diffusers

The GZL Zipp- Air Diffuser is used throughout the offices in areas with drop – in ceiling grids, exposed ceilings and plaster ceilings.

Combining innovative design and dynamic styling, these units were supplied in a sleek black to suit the contemporary styling of the world-class office space.

The units combine high induction diffuser design complementing Gilberts existing ceiling and floor swirl technology.


Cross Flow Air Flow

Throughout the building in suspended ceilings and narrow corridors, the GZL Linear Slot Diffuser is used. 

Unlike traditional grilles, the GZL does not rely on coanda effect so is suitable for safe use in ceilings with exposed services and unusual design features.

It incorporates a unique ‘Zipp-Air’ cross-flow high induction jet design feature, providing a semi circular air distribution pattern under the diffuser face which allows high induction mixing with the room air and a rapid fall off in discharge velocities, something that is difficult for  convential diffusers to achieve and ensures high air change rates are acoommodated easily without compromising comfort levels.










More information on the range of concealed grilles we offer, is available here.

Specified Style & Comfort

Comfort and style were high priority for Metec Consulting Engineers.  Gilberts GSFE swirl diffusers with coanda plates were featured across the office space in areas with exposed ceilings. 

The grilles and coandas were tastefully painted to a unique green RAL colour to sit alongside the environmentally friendly green ceiling spaces in this Leed Certified building.

They were efficiently installed to a very high standard by Linskey Engineering, in a manner that delivered on the original interior vision.  


At Keane Environmental Ltd., we understand that every job, large or small, has its own challenges.  We’d be delighted to work with you to find the correct solution for your building.  If you’d like to hear more about this or any of our other projects, contact us today.

Consulting Engineers: Metec Consulting Engineers

Mechanical Contractors: Linskey Engineering Ltd.

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.

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