Miesian Plaza – Phase 2

Miesian Plaza - Phase 2


The M&E Services for LEED Platinum, Miesian Plaza phase two was designed by Arup Consulting Engineers for the OPW on behalf of the HSE.



Following on from their wealth of previous experience in managing buildings for the Public Service the OPW wanted to be assured that there was no margin for error or any difficulty with comfort levels associated with the HVAC used.


The OPW have worked closely with Keane Environmental Ltd. on projects in the past, where they replaced existing problematic grilles and fancoils that had been causing staff significant levels of discomfort. In those instances they found solutions in the trusted performance of Gilberts Swirls Diffusers, and the proven reliability and tested efficiency of Diffusion fan coil units. So, when it came to Miesian Plaza, with Diffusion and Gilberts already proposed for the fit-out by Arup, the OPW were confident that they could achieve the same standards again.

They worked closely with Keane Environmental, given their extensive product knowledge of both the Gilberts and Diffusion products and their twenty years experience, working in the industry. Keane Environmental carried out technical selections on Diffusion fan coils and Gilberts grilles to meet Arups exacting specification requirements regarding, duties, noise levels, SFP (Specific Fan Power) and air distribution.


The architects for the building, STW Architects, approved Gilberts’ grilles throughout the building.   Once again, they had used these grilles throughout previous jobs, both for their contemporary appearance and their proven performance.

Moreover, before the client was confirmed, the building had already been installed for a CAT A fit out. This included Kampmann perimeter trench heating from Keane Environmental to prevent any uncomfortable down-draughts that could be caused by the significant amount of floor to ceiling glazing along the perimeter. However, once the client was confirmed as the HSE, and the new office layouts were agreed, it was imperative that modifications were made to ensure there were no cross talk issues between offices based on the new layout, as understandably the HSE regard confidentiality as paramount. The Kampmann trench heating system was flexible enough to allow the appropriate modifications to be made with minimum disruption to the new fit-out.
Architects: STW Architects

Engineers: Arup

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.

Mech. Contractor: Designer Group