Dublin Airport

Keane Environmental & Enerblue
are arriving at Dublin Airport.

We are proud to be assisting the DAA in its ongoing and targetted efforts to reduce Carbon Emmissions at Dublin Airport.  Thank you to IN2 Engineering and McGrattan Kenny for selecting, specifying and ordering 4 highly efficient Enerblue Heatpumps using low GWP refrigerant gases R513A and Co2.

The delivery includes three high temperature heat pumps (up to 80°C) which are providing the space heating load, and one Co2 heat pump (up to 90°C) providing the domestic hot water load for sinks, taps and showers.

Dedicated to working with sustainable suppliers, Keane Environmental Ltd., is the official distributor of Enerblue Heat Pumps in Ireland.

Reasons to Choose Enerblue’s Heat Pumps 

  • Enerblue specialises in the use of sustainable and natural Low GWP refrigerant gases for the range of  Air to Water and Water to Water Heat Pumps.
  • Co2 is a natural gas and is ideal for use in the production for domestic hot water as it is more efficient operating at high delta T’s. So raising the temperature of mains water from 10°C up to a pre-mix temperature of 60°, 70° or even 80°C can be achieved at maximum efficiency. It is also very safe for the environment as it has a GWP (Global Warming Potential)  of only 1.
  • R290 (Propane) is another natural gas with a GWP of 3 and is ideal for space heating.
  • R513A is a refrigerant blend with a low GWP of 572. It is ideal for space heating and high flow water temps up to 80°C which also makes it suitable for boiler replacement, without the need to replace existing space heating equipment such as radiators.



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Consulting Engineers: IN2

Mechanical Contactor: McGratten & Kenny

Main Contractor: Collen Construction

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.


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