When it comes to nursing homes, we understand that comfort, hygiene and aesthetics are all of equal importance.

Research by leading experts shows that cleanliness is one of the most effective ways to stop infections spreading.  Conventional heating and cooling solutions have many spaces and openings for bacteria-containing dust and dirt and to collect, and they are difficult to clean thoroughly.

That’s why we work with innovative, high-quality suppliers such as Hudevad, Oventrop and Terrendis to bring the best solution
to you.



Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Contributing to LEED Certification.

Hudevad Radiators

Hudevad supply a range of ultra hygenic radiator options.

The Hudevad Lignum is our completely integrated radiator. It can be installed in window frames, walls, or floors, for a completely sealed heating source. It has no openings for dust and bacteria to gather and is extremely hygienic.

While the Hudevad Mundum is one of the most hygienic radiators on the market and is an architectural asset to any healthcare facility.




We understand that controlling the temperature of any surface in a nursing home is vitally important. So we stock an extensive range of quality engineered valves and controls for heating and cooling systems.


Terrendis Pre-Insulated Flexible Pipe

Terrendis hyper-flexible pipes are primarily intended for the transport of heating water, sanitary hot water, potable water, cooling water, waste water or other fluids, in underground distribution networks. 

The benefits of Terrendis pipe over the competition is that its hyper-flexibility not only makes it practical and safe to install, but it ensures that over time it maintains its insulation value.  

The twin walls in Terrendis pipe also ensure there is no water infiltration into the insulation value remains the same as the day it left the factory.


Oventrop Solar Panels

With ever increasing focus to improve energy efficiency we halso stock a full range of Oventrop solar panels.

Underfloor Heating

Keane Environmental’s underfloor heating provides a low temperature, energy efficient radiant heat source with an extensive range of manifolds and controls for all applications, including nursing homes.

The benefits that underfloor heating provides include a radiant heat with a high level of comfort, control and a space saving method of heating leaving walls completely free of encumbrances and dirt.  Ideal for any hygienic or health care space.

Underfloor heating has a low operating temperature, typically 45°C, making it energy efficient.  We have a large range of underfloor heating systems to meet the requirements of modern building and refurbishment.

Gilberts Louvres

Gilberts Louvres provide for ventilation,  aesthetic screening… or both.

With a range of weather protection choices, blade profiles and styles we have a design to suit your nursing home. Our louvres can be factory built or site assembled but we still have the flexibility to provide special or bespoke designs to match any building architecture.