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Ceilings: Interstitial, Suspended or Exposed.


Each poses it’s own unique challenges for HVAC design.


Together with Gilberts, we have solutions for and expertise in dealing with every contemporary ceiling option.


Keane Environmental Ltd have been in the market for over 25 years.  Over that time we’ve encountered every ceiling type imaginable.  In the last ten years, there has been an explosion of new ideas in architectural ceiling design and the approach to contemporary ceiling layouts has changed dramatically.

However, we understand that no matter what ceiling type (exposed, suspended, acoustical) each have their own unique challenges for HVAC design. Gilberts R&D department have worked hard to keep apace with this change, develop and validate solutions in their state of the art testing facilities.

Together we at Keane Environmental can work with you and Gilberts to provide efficient solutions that will guarantee comfort levels within your space.

Solutions for Exposed Ceilings

One of the most common challenges posed by exposed ceilings is the loss of coanda effect and the risk of cold air dumping on those below.

However, the Gilberts Coanda plate can be added to our Gilberts swirl diffuser to ensure that air flow is thrown sideways, falling evenly across the space.

Watch our video of the Gilberts team demonstrating air distribution with and without the use of a Gilberts Coanda plate.

Diffusion Fan Coils

Blurred lines, exposed & suspended ceilings.

To achieve the design intent of many modern architects, current building trends often merge a blend of suspended and exposed ceilings.  In itself this can cause design issues for HVAC design. However, we’ve worked to supply many buildings that have been designed in this way.

For example the new IDA Headquaters in 3 Park Place, throughout the building, the architects, Varming and Lynskey Engineering have implemented a series of Gilberts grilles, linear and swirl diffusers to maintain air quality no matter what the use of space.  

Each grille and diffuser was carefully chosen and installed not only for efficiency but to ensure their airflows merge seamlessly, and worked with the architect’s original design.


Solutions for 1200 x 300 Ceiling Tiles

Frequently architects will look to position grilles in parallel rows along the 1200 x 300 ceiling plan. This results in grilles blowing directly at each other and could force cold air to collide and drop, causing a draught and discomfort on the people below.  For example, in Aercap House, Metec Engineering chose the Gilberts’ GZL linear swirl diffusers from Keane Environmental because they can be positioned close together as per the architect’s original design.

The unique zip style of the Gilberts’ GZL offers a new concept in linear air distribution.


Using Gilberts’ swirl technology they ensure that the grilles in Aercap House could be positioned parallel to one another without any causing any problems.

Concealed Grilles

Gilberts Concealed Grilles (GTD600) now offer a truly concealed option.  This concept uses a standard perforated ceiling tile to deliver the air safely to the occupied space below.

The image here shows how they were successfully installed by DMG Engineering in areas of Hubspot House that contained floating ceilings and used the tiles as specified by the architect. Ensuring  delivery of the original modern vision of  JV Tierney Consulting Engineers and Henry J Lyons architects.

The GTD600 offers a ‘high volume’ option that delivers increased volumes with lower relative pressure drop and noise levels. Despite the high volume output the design and low noise levels ensure that they are an invisible and integrated part of the ceiling design.

    We can work with you to deliver a bespoke solution to fit any contemporary ceiling design.

    If you or your team have any questions or would like more information about any of the products featured. 

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