Drawing the line, at AXA HQ.

Leading Edge Design


AXA, are a French based insurance company with a 4,000sq meter headquaters in Dublin. MCORM architects were briefed to design a new look and feel for their old offices that created a dynamic and agile workplace, but to do so within certain practical constraints.

  • The building facade was part listed
  • To keep the building live throughout the refurb

The concept for the design which was integrated right through the building, came directly from the AXA logo. The inspirational red stripe from the logo is used in different variations and ways throughout the building to create functional, modern spaces.  The design was even integrated on the exposed ceiling with the inclusion of hexagonal acoustic ceiling panels, used across the building in office spaces, common areas and meeting rooms alike.

Integrated Design Grilles

Axis Engineering the consulting engineers and Alpha Mechanical the mechanical contractor were commissioned to install a new HVAC system throughout the building to ensure thermal comfort to all occupants.

We supplied them not only with Gilbert’s linear grille diffusers, but also GSFE swirl diffusers, surrounded by hexagonal coanda plates.

Coanda plates are used effectively in many spaces with open services to ensure that cold air is not dumped on the occumpants below.  However, usually circular in design, in order to fully integrate with the architect’s hexagonal ceiling panels, Gilberts created the innovated hexagonal design used throughout the offices.



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Architects: McCrossan O’Rourke Manning Ltd

Fit Out: T&I Fitouts Ltd

Consulting Engineers: AXIS Engineering

Mechanical Contractor: Alpha Mechanical

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.

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