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Gilberts’ range of natural ventilation systems supply fresh air to a building or room by means of passive forces.

Project teams typically choose natural ventilation because it reduces carbon emissions.

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Natural ventilation, unlike mechanical fan forced ventilation, simply uses the natural pressure differential force of air movement, wind and buoyancy to deliver a steady supply of fresh air for building ventilation and cooling.


Naturally ventilating a building offers the best of both worlds combining little or no energy consumption with low capital costs whilst still providing adequate fresh air and temperature conditions throughout the year. With plant room also eliminated, services space minimised and lower service and maintenance costs alongside the reduction in carbon emissions, Natural Ventilation makes for one the most practical choices available.


Gilberts’ Mistrale Natural Ventilation System

Passive Natural Ventilation

The Mistrale 75 (with a u value of 0.96) is a medium format natural ventilation inlet that has been specifically designed to fit in to both curtain walls, masonry and windows.

Hybrid Natural Ventilation

One of the latest innovations in ventilation Gilberts’ new design “Fusion” terminal incorporates an ultra low power fanand is able to provide an extremely low cost ventilation solution with the added benefits of heat recovery.

Natural Ventilation Roof Terminals

These are designed to suit wind driven systems or stack effect with internal partitions and dampers providing for full and accurate air control. All penthouse units have patented high weather efficiency design as standard to eliminate weather ingress and can be fitted on to both flat and pitched roofs.

Hybrid Roof Terminals

A penthouse turret on the roof built onto a vertical sleeve which terminates with an air distribution plenum inside the space. The terminal uses natural air buoyancy with low power fan assistance to deliver a steady supply of fresh air from whilst allowing it to blend controlled amounts of mixed extract air for heat recovery.

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