GTD Concealed Grilles

Hidden Beauty

Keane Environmental have announced the introduction of the GTD Series of Concealed Diffusers to the Irish market.


Driven by architectural demand for effective invisible ceiling grilles, Keane Environmental, together with the Gilberts Sales and Marketing team have worked closely with the R&D team in Gilberts to develop this top of the range solution.

This has to be a dream come true for Architects and Interior Designers as the air supply grilles, which up to now have always been a ‘’bone of contention’’ can now be introduced seamlessly and invisibly into their selected ceiling grid.

Competitors have previously tried to develop products in this space, but these previous attempts have been characterised by a hollow aluminium spinning fitted against a low free area perforated tile which push some air out horizontally with coanda in isothermal conditions. Gilberts’ rigorous testing procedures however, has shown these products to be only moderately effective and to ‘dump’ cold air when a cooling load is applied.

This is where the GTD 300 and GTD 600 excel, they utilise a patented impeller design ensuring optimal performance even when cooling loads of up to -10° producing a radial blow pattern with coanda.

Moreover they can be fitted behind virtually all types of standard perforated ceiling tiles. Unlike other hidden diffusers in the market, they even work effectively with tiles that have a free area as low as 15%. No other products are comparable.

Ease of use

 Patrick Keane, of Keane Envrionmental said “The GTD is a highly versatile unit, we can work with the architects, mechanicalengineers and contractors to ensure it is easily and quickly fitted. This means that it can also be simply relocated if any future changes in room partitioning or use occur.”

A solution for every space

Aware that every situation will differ, Keane Environmental will distribute both the GTD300 and the GTD600. The first is a cost effective and highly versatile product due to its simple lightweight design with quick magnetic install. It inherently operates at low volumes. While the GTD600 is the ‘high volume’ option that delivers increased volumes with lower relative pressure drop and noise levels.   The team at Keane Environmental will work with you, to select the option that is best suited to your space.