Hydraquip DataCool

As water cooling in data centres becomes the preferred choice for many OEMs and operators the issues facing them has been which flexible connection (hose) should they choose with the norm being to opt for a traditional black rubber hose which are often fitted with a swivel coupling to meet the operational demands required for these installations.

Working in conjunction with a leading OEM of computer cooling solutions UK based Hydraquip Braided Hose Division looked at the many issues that arose in systems where a flexible connection was required. One of the main concerns was the need for the hose to be able to offer good flexibility (lateral movement) and more importantly allowing for a degree of flexing (torsion) especially when fitted to rear door coolers. Other considerations included secure end connections, ease of identification and the ability to work on positive (pressure) and negative (vacuum) systems alike.

The solution was delivered in the form of the Hydraquip DataCool range of finished hose assemblies which are manufactured from silicone rubber which is reinforced to enable them to work easily at system pressures. Supplied in red and blue covers for ease of identification each assembly is offered with a choice of end terminations hydraulically swaged on with stainless steel ferrules allowing for secure and leak free connection. Prior to despatch every assembly is visually inspected and pressure tested then individually marked with a unique reference allowing for full life traceability.

Geoff Kelley, Commercial Director at Hydraquip explained “Customers have traditionally used various black rubber hoses for DCs and numerous types of connections providing a swivel joint with varying levels of success.”, he added “Proof of client confidence in our product claims was a recent project in a data centre in the US where an issue with swivel joints was causing leak and confidence issues for the client. This contract saw in excess of 200 hoses being replaced with DataCool assemblies, with a similar amount set to be ordered during 2019 concluding when all the original hose and swivel units will be replaced.”

In addition to meeting the specific flexing requirements, DataCool hose brings additional benefits and peace of mind with regards to fire related issues. In the unfortunate event of a fire these silicone assemblies have a high ignition point of 450°C and do not give off toxic gasses, including halogens. The fumes given off are also much less dense and tend to be white (silica) rather than the black fumes given off by other rubbers such as epdm.

Initially available in DN20 (3/4”) & DN25 (1”) bore sizes the range has been extended to cover from DN6 (1/4”) up to DN32 (1 ¼”). Further extensions to the range include the addition of the CEJN ultraFLOW range of non-spill low pressure drop quick release couplings which can be fitted directly on to the hoses.

According to Geoff Kelley at Hydraquip “Since their introduction thousands of DataCool assemblies are currently in use in data centres around the world with a number current major projects having the hoses specified for inclusion in future builds.”


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