Education Air Purifier

Clean Air, In Schools.

Air Purification for Schools

The Kampmann KA-520 range of air purifiers includes a H14 HEPA filter which kills 99.995% of viruses (including Covid-19), air particles and pollen.

This simple solution is:

  • Plug & Play
  • Made in Germany
  • Enegery Efficient
  • Sound Optimised
  • Complies with DIN EN 60335 and VDI 6022
  • Both Pen and Finger safe!

We can assist you in answering the relevant questions. From the selection of the right technology to meet your requirements, to complete technical details and installation.

Our Air Purifier has been installed in many schools and adult education centres across the country. Call us to find out more or download our brochure now.


At Keane Environmental Ltd., we understand that every class room, in every school or college, has its own challenges.  We’d be delighted to work with you to find the optimum solution for your students.  Contact us today.