No ceiling, no draught, no problem.


The design team working on the new Uber building on Thomas Street, Limerick were tasked with a major redesign and refit, to cover four floors and deliver a contemporary working space for up to 300 employees in a new European Centre of Excellence for the client.


The building was initially in shell condition and a key feature of the architects’ a contemporary urban design was to remove ceilings and leave symmetrical exposed services in each of the offices, meeting rooms, and breakout areas.


However, most grilles are built to operate along with an installed ceiling, the coanda effect means that cold air coming through a grille, attaches itself to the ceiling and travels along it, gradually dropping down on the room below.  No ceiling meant there was no way for air to travel and drop naturally, instead cold air will fall too quickly from the grille causing a draught on those below.


Metec Consulting Engineers with Keane Environmental and Gilberts selected grilles that provided the ideal technical and visual solution.


Using Gilberts circular swirl diffusers with a Coanda plate built around them, the coanda plates give just enough surface area for the air to attach, achieve a horizontal direction and throw off naturally.


No ceiling, no draught, no problem.




Archtiects: Healy & Partners Architects,

Consulting Engineers: Metec Consulting Engineers

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd