All a twitter about grilles and fan coils


MCA architects were commissioned to refurbish the new European Head Office for social media giant Twitter in Cumberland House, central Dublin. MCA created a modern, contemporary space using symmetrical, exposed open services with no ceiling to complete the urban feel throughout the building.


METEC Engineers who worked on the development understood that without a ceiling there would be no coanda effect.  Ultimately this meant there was no way for air to travel through grilles along a ceiling and drop naturally, instead cold air would fall too quickly from the grille causing a draught on people below.


They worked with Keane Environmental to install Gilberts’ Grilles, circular GSFE swirl diffusers with a Coanda plate built around them. The coanda plates give just enough surface area for the air to attach, achieve a horizontal direction and fall naturally.


Added to this was also the issue that, open exposed services don’t have the acoustic benefits generally offered by ceilings. This means that normal fan coils, that are used to drive the air at the correct temperature to the grilles, when placed in exposed services, can cause an issue with noise levels for staff working in the space. To rectify this Keane Environmental applied extended acoustic inlet plenum onto the back of the Diffusion fan coils they supplied throughout the building. This gave the acoustic effect of a ceiling, reducing noise levels without reducing the volumes of air, ensuring energy efficiency for the client and staying true to MCA’s architectural design.


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Architects: MCA

Contractor: HA O’Neil

Engineer: METEC

Supplier: Keane Environmental