Kevin St Library, Listed Heating

Designed and built in 1904 by Charles J McCarthy, the Kevin St. Public Library closed to the public in 2013. Despite accommodating 50,000 visitors every year, the roof had been deteriorating since the 1980’s and some of the building was no longer accessible.


Initially the plan was to fix the roof, the bell shaped cupola and then mend the rot affecting parts of the building. However, it soon became apparent that there was a much bigger job to be done to refurbish it and the spec evolved to include:


  • Free broadband & WIFI
  • eResouce
  • Study Spaces
  • Book Clubs
  • Exhibition / Workshop
  • Lecture Space
  • Childrens’ area
  • Talking Books


From a HVAC perspective the Hayes Higgins Consulting Engineers developed the specification for heating.   Understanding the environment and the requirements of the listed building they, could not install radiators on the wooden paneled and shelved walls and needed a quiet heating system to reflect the ambience of a library environment.


They specified Kampmann Trench heaters to be installed athroughout the library area and adjoining offices and hallways. One of the main reasons that they chose Kampann fans from Keane Environmental is because our fan assisted trench heating systems using ec energy efficient motor technology are so silent that they can be used in any space even one where silence is at a premium, such as a public library. Moreover, Kampmann are also the first trench heater manufacturer to have its products achieve the new European standard BS En 16430, so they could be assured of it’s efficiency.


Taking full advantage Kampmann’s ability to manufacture any unit to site measured dimensions, and to provide a continuous seamless appearance over long distances, the design engineers were able to ensure optimum distribution of heat throughout the library while blending in sympathetically with the room layouts and architectural features and also the modernised, stylish new look of the refurbished library.



Archtitect: Dublin City Architects

Engineer: Hayes Higgins Partnership

Contractor: Neary Mechanical

Suppliers: Keane Environmental Ltd.