Earlsfort Terrace

Earlsfort Terrace, tried and tested.


The new office development at Earlsfort Terrace was handed over to its client in March of 2017. Homan O’Brien were engaged for the design of all Mechanical, Electrical, Data and Security services to the new building.


During the design process it was highlighted that the client wanted to avoid issues with cold drafts in their new building. To address this, Keane Environmental were asked by Homan O’Brien to arrange for Gilberts to run a CFD (computational fluid dynamic analysis) of typical offices in the new building using the Gilberts GSR model swirl diffuser.


CFD simulations of summer and winter conditions were undertaken to study the air movement patterns under varying temperature conditions to ensure maximum occupancy comfort and no issues with people feeling uncomfortable drafts.


The results of the CFD simulation allowed Gilberts to map both the velocity contours and temperature contours of the various sections of the occupied space in both heating and cooling conditions.



The results of these analyses confirmed to Homan O Brien and the client that the required air flow could be distributed throughout the occupied space while achieving comfortable occupancy conditions in both scenarios.


Along with Gilberts’ grilles, Diffusion Highline 270ec fan coil units were installed throughout the building. The low SFP’s of these units will have been one element in an already highly energy efficient and sustainable design by Homan O’Brien which contributed to the building achieving LEED Platinum accreditation and become 26% more energy efficient than required under current building regulations.



Architects:      STW Architects

Engineers:      Homan O’Brien

Mechanical Contractor: Lynskey Eng

Suppliers:       Keane Environmental