AIB Digital Hub


AIB has invested heavily in its digital capability and are consolidating digital customer and innovation activities into Building H, Central Park, Leopardstown. When complete this new purpose built campus, which comprises of 8 floors over 3 basements, will cover 14,500 sq metres and accommodate up to 1,500 people.


Axis Engineering were responsible for the original shell & core and CAT A M&E fit out while Arup Engineers were responsible for the M&E fit-out for AIB.  Temec Ltd carried the complete mechanical installation for both the shell & core, Cat A and final client fit-out.


The architects, RKD, had designed the contemporary office space with large areas of exposed ceilings. However, this urban, modern style can pose a potential for drafts and discomfort because chilled air will always take the path of least resistance and can drop too quickly on those below.  Moreover, because exposed services can cause acoustical challenges, the space includes some areas with clouds of dropped ceilings, particularly surrounding core service areas such as lift lobbies and above functional desk space.


For this reason, Arup specified two types of Gilberts’ grilles from Keane Environmental, throughout the building. The Gilberts’ GZL grilles, which can be used in both scenarios and work effectively in smaller spaces,where they can be placed in close parallel lines without forcing air to collide and drop on those below. Furthermore to work with the architects design, these were installed in two colours, white to fit in the dropped ceiling areas and black to fit within the modern and stylish interior colour scheme of the kitchen and common areas.


In areas without ceiling, they also installed Gilberts’ circular GSFE swirl diffusers with coanda plates built around them. The coanda plates give just enough surface area for the air to attach, achieve a horizontal direction and fall naturally without any discomfort on those below.


Architects (Shell & Core): Henry J Lyons

Archtitects (Fit Out): RKD Architects

Consulting Engineers (Shell & Core): Axis Engineering

Consulting Engineers (Fit Out): RKD Architects

Mechanical Engineers: Temec Engineering

Supplier: Keane Environmental Ltd.