Aercap House


Aercap House, 65 St Stephen’s Green has achieved LEED Platinum status. LEED is the global green building rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). It surpasses all Irish standards and regulations. This makes it one of Ireland’s most environmentally friendly buildings.


The architects’ overall vision for the modern building used biophilic design with nature-derived patterns and elegant curvy lines reminiscent of the natural environment. To work within this style and meet the strict environmental efficiency standards, Metec Engineers chose to install Gilberts High Induction GZL diffusers and Diffusion fan coils from Keane Environmental.


The Diffusion fan coils were installed because of their high efficiency EC/DC motors.. The fan modulation system is factory fitted and tested and provides optimum energy efficient performance, resulting in energy savings of up to 25%. This in turn then offers ongoing energy-cost efficiency to the client.


The Gilberts’ GZL diffusers from Keane Environmental were chosen because they can be positioned close together as per thearchitect’s original design. Traditional diffusers placed in such close proximity, force cold air to collide and drop, causing a draught and discomfort on the people below.


However, the unique zip style of the Gilberts’ GZL offers a new concept in linear air distribution.



Using Gilberts’ swirl technology they ensure that the grilles in Aercap House could be positioned parallel toone another without any causing any problems.


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Architects: Power House Company
Engineers: Metec
Contractor: HA O’Neill
Supplier: Keane Environmental Ltd.