Diffusion passes the test of time


Ger Mountaine is a facilities manager in Dublin city. Working on a building that installed Keane Environmental’s Diffusion fan coils over twenty years ago and he says that they are still going strong. Testament to their reliability, durability and accessability for maintenance, he has never had to replace one.


Gerry Keane pictured with Ger Mountaine.

Mr Mountaine’s efficient maintenance regime keeps them clean and uses high pressure nitrogen to bring the fan coils back tofactory finish whenever needed. When spare parts were required, Keane Environmental have been on hand and supplied original spare parts including fan decks etc. where required. We have even sourced valves and actuators at much better value than the competition.


These are just some of the reasons why he chose Diffusion Slimline Fan Coils again when the need arose.


Unlike competitor products, which were too big to fit, the Diffusion Slimline fan coil units can be accommodated discreetly in virtually any ceiling or floor void. Yet, despite their size, the fan coils use highly efficient fans, which means they have an extremely low noise level. Moreover, they continue to be highly accessible and easy to maintain.


When, asked if he would recommend Keane Environmental, Mr Mountaine replied by saying of course he would.  “They offer personalised service, back up services and even site visits for staff training when needed, I only work with suppliers who don’t cut corners.”


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