iSeries Split Pump

The ArgoClima iSeries Split Pump is a hybrid system which combines the benefits of air-air technology, usually associated with multi-splits, and the advantages of air-water technology, generally found in hydronic heat pumps.

  • Unique & Innovative – it’s the only system able to produce hot water at the same time as heating and cooling rooms, thanks to the special refrigerant connection. And during cooling, water is heated free of charge.
  • Efficient & Quiet – Low sound levels are ensured by a high degree of soundproofing and by the ability of the exclusive Argo electronics to smartly control the compressor cycle.
  • High Performance & Energy Saving – iSeries reaches the energy class A ++ in heating and class A for domestic hot water production, ensuring comfort and energy savings.



Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Most trusted suppliers for 20 years.


Contributing to LEED

Typical Applications

How It Works

Scenario 1 – Solar Integration

Low temperature heating systems, cooling with direct expansion indoor units.  Domestic hot water production with EMIX tank and integration with solar thermal.

Scenario 2 – Ducted Solution

Low temperature heating system, cooling with direct expansion indoor units, wall and ducted types.  Domestic hot water production with tank for heat pump and diverting valve.

Scenario 3 – EMIX & Seperate Tank

Low temperature heating system, cooling with direct expansion indoor units. Domestic hot water production with EMIX and separate tank.

Scenario 4 – Integration with Gas Boiler

Low temperature heating system, cooling with direct expansion indoor units. Heating and hot water integration with gas boiler.

Heating and Cooling Units

Argoclima Heating/Cooling Units

A7 & A9: Sophisticated and Discreet

AF: Ideal in

FC: Versatile, Floor or Ceiling

AS: High Quality AC Classic

A12: Elegant As A Piece Of Furniture

Kampmann Heating/Cooling Units

The PowerKon Safe Touch from Kampmann offers a safe low surface temperature convector option.

Hudevad Radiators

Hudevad radiators offer sleek design and energy efficiency.  We provide a full range of luxury radiator options for any home or office space.


All  operating parameters of the iSeries can be controlled from a remote control including:

  • operating modes
  • heat pump only
  • dehumidification only
  • fan only
  • 1h and 24h timer
  • setpoint temperature
  • room temperature reading
  • TiO2 and electronic filter activation (where fitted)
  • fan speed
  • flap oscillation for optimum air distribution in the room and economy or night functions.


EMIX is the innovative indoor unit from Argoclima.   The EMIX range  provides domestic hot water from a thermo-dynamic source all year round regardless of the system’s operating mode or the weather outside!

Aqua Unit

The AQUA UNIT is the new hydronic indoor unit to be combined with the iSERIES system to provide heating and cooling solutions with underfloor heating, wall or ceiling heating, low temperature radiators or fan coils.


1)      AQUA UNIT HAS EVERYTHING IN CONTROL: it’s equipped with water temperature and waterflow control systems able to optimise the system’s operation and grant maximum efficiency.

2)     AQUA UNIT HAS A SIMPLE & INTUITIVE INTERFACE: The digital control panel with LCD display can be easily used by both operators (installers and after sales centres) and by end-users.


Outdoor Units


4kW. Multi-Function: Ideal for High Efficiency Buildings.


6.5kW. Multisplit, Monosplit Package and always DHW

AEI1G80 1PH-3Ph

8kW. Extreme Flexibility Suitable For Residential Or Commercial

AEI1G110 1PH-3PH

11kW. Houses, Offices, Big Spaces…  with DHW

AEI1G140 3PH

14kW. 5 Connections + DHW